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A​bout H.B.C.

A Few Words About Me

I am a bilingual, bicultural therapist passionate about empowering others to create the change they desire in their lives. I work with all individuals to understand their unique backgrounds and explore how past experiences influence their present and future relationships.  I understand the challenges encountered when navigating cultural expectations and personal choices. I understand the difficulty of being able to balance education, career, family responsibilities and cultural expectations. Through a client centered approach, I am able to help you navigate and create the desired balance and connection you desire in your life. 

Pricing and Fees 

The price of therapy is based on a therapist experience, level of education, and type of license. I do offer a limited amount of sliding scale options. I also accept selected medical insurances. I offer a free phone consultation where we can discuss therapy expectations, process and fees. 

What Is my Goal? 

My goal is to help you navigate through life's transitions with resilience and hope. Life is a careful balance of connections and transitions; I can assist you through this journey by building on your strengths and meeting you where you are. 

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Joanne Fleming Loyarte 

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist


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